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5 Tips for Online Shopping

Mar 11, 2017

Shopping online is overwhelming for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be! If you take a second and slow down before you hit complete order, you’ll probably save yourself from a lot of trouble down the road, so here are the 5 things I do before I order from any retailer for the first time.

#1 ~ Always check the store’s return policy. Unfortunately with online shopping, there’s always the chance of something not fitting. And in the worst cases, nothing fits. It’s all fun and games until you have to spend $30 shipping your order back to California on YOUR dime, so make sure you’ve read everything there is to read about what returning to this new store is like! If the return policy seems unreasonable, that’s probably because they’re positive you aren’t going to be happy with something in your order, and the strenuous return policy makes customers not even bother returning. Take a second and see if you love what you’re about to buy enough to risk having to go through their hassle-filled return policy.

#2 ~ Shipping charges and return policies are my top deterrents from me ordering from a store, so on top of checking up on the return policy, look into how much they charge for shipping, too. Don’t pay $10 to ship a $30 shirt. If possible, spend enough to get free shipping, but only if you can return the stuff you didn’t actually want in store, because they’ll probably charge you to return those few things via mail.

#3 ~ See if they have any promotions going on! I can’t say that you’ll always find something in the sale section, but they might have a buy more save more (my personal fav) promotional deal going on, or maybe even some misc. promo codes for free shipping or a certain percentage off your order! Never hurts to check before you start shopping!

#4 ~ There are a lot of shady online stores out there. If you’ve never heard about a store you find, it’s probably safest to just not shop there, but if you find something you absolutely have to have, take a second and do some research. See if they have a solid online presence, see if there’s any reviews about this shop, and even look into how true to size their clothes are. If there’s something wrong with the site you’re on, you’ll probably find out after a quick google search.

#5 ~ Now that you’re sure that you’re on a safe site, there’s one last thing to do before you hit complete order. Shop around to see if you can find some better prices, check apps like retail me not for coupon codes, and make absolute sure you’re getting the best deal possible before you hand over you’re hard earned….credit card number? Oh and that reminds me…don’t save your info unless it’s a site you 100% trust!

Happy Shopping Everyone! 🙂