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Beach Day Essentials

Jun 14, 2017

As my month-long beach hopping journey will be over after my upcoming trip to the Grand Cayman Island, I wanted to share my beach-going wisdom of what is needed in order to have the most successful and relaxing beach day!

1 ~ Sunglasses (see my post on must have sunnies here)

2 ~ Canvas Tote Bag (to carry all your personal items)

3 ~ Beach Towel

4 ~ SUNSCREEN (!!!!!)

5 ~ Beach Chair

6 ~ Beach Umbrella

7 ~ Beach TENT (YES this IS a thing!!)

8 ~ Beach Wagon (With XL wheels so it’ll roll in sand)

9 ~ Something to READ (magazine, ebook, REAL book, etc.)

10 ~ MUSIC (headphones / speaker)

And for after the beach, make sure you’ve got some dry clothes to change into and some aloe just in case you get a little too much sun!

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