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A Rainy Day…

When it rains, it pours guys. The past several weeks have been beyond insane and my creative juices have slowly run dryer and dryer. For some reason I’ve put crazy amounts of pressure on myself for quite some time now to where I just lost the drive I had for blogging and producing content. It started to feel a lot more like work than the fun hobby it was meant to be, and I knew I needed to take a step back and reasses before I snapped and decided to just delete everything and never look back, and luckily, my hiatus paid off. I’m ready to get back on the horse and start blogging again. It’ll be slow at first as I’m training myself to not be so obsessive and over-analyzing about every little thing, but within a couple weeks I should be back on top of things and will also be introducing some new types of content, new styles, and a definite re-vamp of Kyle Mark as a whole. I’m excited to turn this back into a hobby and just do me for awhile!

And unfortunately, doing me in the state of Georgia requires rain-appropriate clothing for what feels likes 80% of the summer! I wanted to put together three separate looks to show how I’d style my fav rain boots for three different degrees of “dressy”, starting with pure casual and ending with business appropriate.

Shop These Looks:

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Done Beach Bummin’ It

I’m sad to say that my much needed month of beach hopping has come to an end. From Hilton Head, NC to Ruskin, FL and finally to the Cayman Islands, I’ve definitely had plenty of time to chill out on the beach, but it’s been rough getting back into the swing of real life. So what better way to snap back to reality than a city shoot, arguably a location quite the opposite of any beach town.

These pants (find here) quickly became a favorite of mine the second they were unboxed, and I’ve been rocking them on repeat. I’m all about cropped trousers for summer, so finding such a bold print that I could wear super casually was an amazing find.

Paired simply with a tucked in black tee and a suede sandal (find here), these pieces worked together to create a bold look dressy or casual enough for any summer occasion.

Outfit Details:

Solid Black Tee (sold out, similar here and here), Birdhouse Print Trousers (find here, matching blazer here), Suede Sandals (here), Sunglasses (here)

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Pink, Proportion, and Prints

Finding a look that’s comfortable, relaxed, and looks cool is sometimes hard to do, so when I find one that checks all of those boxes, it definitely gets worn on repeat.

The barely worm jacket keeps you warm enough in the morning / evening but keeps you cool enough during the day, trousers are the most comfortable pant known to man, and what else screams absolute comfort like a sneaker or a t-shirt?!

Comfort is definitely a check, but a look can’t be all about comfort (because then we’d all be walking around in sweatpants 24/7). A look needs wow-factors, edge, and it needs to be on-trend, and as of now, athleisure is the easiest way to be 100% comfort and 200% finesse (sorry I’m so annoying omg) and also leaves a lot of room to mix different styles.

Cropped trousers, a barely worn jacket, stripes, speckled pants, SNEAKERS!! This look is overloaded with contrast, but boi does it WERK (sorry I’m so annoying I really love this look)!!!

(I could go on but I’ll stop there pls enjoy my selections below and follow me with the links below to enjoy more of my extra)

Outfit Details:

Pink Denim Jacket (find here, also love this one), Striped Tee (sold out, similar here and here), Trousers (sold out, similar here), Sneakers (find here)

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Pink Sunnies

My love for pink has no bounds, as you can see with just a quick scroll through my Instagram feed, and yet for some reason it had never occurred to me to look for some pink sunnies. Well luckily, these bad boys came up during my daily ASOS new arrival look-through (yes I look at their new arrivals every day I don’t want to miss anything), and within 5 minutes they were on their way to me and the two of us have been inseparable ever since.

For their initial debut, I wanted to do something casual, so I paired my new favorite pink sunnies with my new favorite pink t-shirt, my favorite leather sandals, and my favorite ripped jeans. All creating a comfy look perfect for a quick lunch date or a day of running errands!

Outfit Details:

Pink Sunglasses (find here), Pink Oversized Tee (find here), Ripped Jeans (sold out, similar here and here), Leather Sandals (sold out, similar here and here)

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