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A Rainy Day…

When it rains, it pours guys. The past several weeks have been beyond insane and my creative juices have slowly run dryer and dryer. For some reason I’ve put crazy amounts of pressure on myself for quite some time now to where I just lost the drive I had for blogging and producing content. It started to feel a lot more like work than the fun hobby it was meant to be, and I knew I needed to take a step back and reasses before I snapped and decided to just delete everything and never look back, and luckily, my hiatus paid off. I’m ready to get back on the horse and start blogging again. It’ll be slow at first as I’m training myself to not be so obsessive and over-analyzing about every little thing, but within a couple weeks I should be back on top of things and will also be introducing some new types of content, new styles, and a definite re-vamp of Kyle Mark as a whole. I’m excited to turn this back into a hobby and just do me for awhile!

And unfortunately, doing me in the state of Georgia requires rain-appropriate clothing for what feels likes 80% of the summer! I wanted to put together three separate looks to show how I’d style my fav rain boots for three different degrees of “dressy”, starting with pure casual and ending with business appropriate.

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Pink Pants

During the summer I wear a lot more “dressier” looks than I would in winter, because in winter you can layer and really play with fashion in so many ways to create such intriguing looks, but in summer I find it harder to create unique looks and really stand out, so my compromise is usually to dress up.

We all know I love a good pair of cropped trousers (I have most of my trousers hemmed to be cropped), and we all know I love pink, so imagine the excitement I felt when I first put on these pink cropped trousers (not to be mistaken with my pair of pink cuffed cropped trousers ;)).

My intended focal point is obviously my fabulous pants, so a white button-up and a neutral blazer/shoe combo made this look absolutely perfect!

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Blazer ~ (wearing 32 inch chest) (find here (almost sold out), similar here), Suede Derby Shoes ~ (sold out, similar here and here), Shirt ~ (sold out, similar here and here), Skinny Trouser ~ (wearing W28 L32) (sold out, similar here and here), Sunglasses ~ (find here, similar here)

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The Perfect Plaid Shirt

Plaid can easily go awry, but when you find the perfect plaid, it stays in your closet forever. For two years now, this ASOS shirt has been a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe.

For this look I went the dressier route, but it’s perfect with a pair of jeans and boots, too.

I decided to keep the look simple by color coordinating with the plaid, but I still like to get a bit dramatic when it comes to the details. A long military coat does just that.

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Wool Military Coat ~ ASOS (wearing XXS)
Suede Loafers ~ ASOS (true to size)
Shirt ~ ASOS (wearing XS)
Cropped Jersey Trouser ~ ASOS (wearing W28 L32)

Why You Need a Blazer

I was a bit hesitant when I ordered this ASOS blazer a couple months back, but once I got it, I fell in love. It’s casual, it’s dressy, it’s neutral, and it can easily be transitioned from season to season.

Getting a blazer was a nice switch-up from all the bombers and coats I had been wearing. It was odd to wear something so fitted, but I quickly experimented and found endless ways to style and layer with it. It’s very chic in a way I normally don’t gravitate towards, but I totally dig it now.

For this look, I tied in the neutral shade of the blazer in with my suede derby shoes. A skinny cropped trouser and cream turtleneck kept things sleek, clean, and modern while remaining a bit dressy.

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Blazer ~ ASOS (wearing smallest size per usual)
Suede Derby Shoes ~ Aldo (true to size)
Turtleneck ~ ASOS (wearing XS)
Trouser ~ ASOS (wearing W28 L32)