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Expensive Doesn’t Mean Fashion

Mar 3, 2017

OK guys so here’s the deal. Expensive doesn’t mean fashion. Expensive doesn’t mean you should wear it. Expensive doesn’t mean good. Expensive doesn’t mean hardly anything. Expensive just means you’re probably paying too much for what you’re about to buy.

Way too often do I see guys strutting around in gucci belts and other outlandish things thinking they are THE shit, but unless you know how to put together an outfit that matches the vibe of whatever you bought, it really just looks like you’re trying too hard.

If you buy something for the purpose of “standing out”, chances are you shouldn’t buy it. Because if you really did have that “stand out” vibe where you really do wear crazy things and make it work, you wouldn’t be thinking about how it would stand out, because it would simply be in your nature to buy loud things.

Another problem is people thinking that just because they spent X amount of dollars on it, it’s totally fashion. I don’t care if you spent $5,000 on that coat. Ugly is ugly no matter what the price, especially if you can’t pull it off.

I never want to encourage people not to reach out of their style box, but if you’re doing it solely to “stand out” or “look expensive”, it’ll never come across as genuine and you’ll look like the ultimate try-hard.

Fashion is all about personality. Find yourself, find your fashion! Don’t do it to impress others! Do it to feel good about yourself and the way you look!