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Embroidered Coat

For those of you who don’t know, I also have a women’s blog (, and occasionally, I’ll come across a piece of women’s clothing that I absolutely love.

Hey, if it fits, it works, and you love it, who cares who it was intended for!!

This coat spoke to me the second I pulled it out of the package, and I knew I had to put together a look for my men’s blog as well.

To keep things simple with such a statement coat, I paired it with some pink trousers to tie in the embroidery and a white sneaker/sweater combo to keep things clean and minimalist!

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Embroidered Coat ~ Zara (wearing small)
Sneakers ~ Adidas (runs true to size)
Turtleneck ~ ASOS (wearing XS)
Cropped Pink Trouser ~ ASOS (wearing W28 L32)

Velvet Bomber

All black took over my wardrobe this winter when it came to casual-wear, but I always like to add something of (dark) color to make it not-so monochromatic (or goth).

I had been dying for something velvet for quite awhile but hadn’t yet found the right piece until I found this velvet bomber that I knew I’d wear the heck out of, especially on the days where GA decided to abandon winter and bring fall back for a minute.

These black skinny jeans with my tall black chelsea boots have been a 1-3 times a week daily outfit combo. Hey, when you find somethin’ that works, why not make the most of it? These jeans are insanely comfortable and these boots make me feel like a bad-ass for absolutely no reason at all. Especially when paired with a velvet bomber and reflective shades.

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Velvet Bomber ~ ASOS (wearing XS)
Tall Chelsea Boots ~ House of Hounds (available @ ASOS and TopMan) (runs a LITTLE big)
T-Shirt ~ TopMan (wearing XS)
Black Jeans ~ ASOS (wearing W28 L32)

Perks of the Crop

Cropped trousers aren’t just the best of both worlds, they’re the best of every world. Cropped trousers take simplification to a whole new level.

Cropped trousers can be worn completely casually with a t-shirt and sneakers, they can be worn smartly with a button-up tucked in or un-tucked with a daytime oxford or loafer, and when needed, they can even be dressed up for a formal occasion. And since they’re cropped, there’s no worrying about whether your pant length is correct for the shoes you’re wearing.

Cropped trousers may not be practical in the winter (I, personally just deal with the cold ankles), but for spring and summer they’re absolutely perfect. They’re lightweight, they keep you cool and comfortable, and they add something unique to every look they’re apart of, which is something I find difficult to accomplish during the summer without winter’s ability to layer.

Trust me, your spring/summer wardrobe isn’t complete until cropped trousers are involved…in more than one color!

Outfit Details:

All trousers shown are from ASOS. When ordering cropped trousers, be sure to order your normal go-to pant length!

The Perfect Plaid Shirt

Plaid can easily go awry, but when you find the perfect plaid, it stays in your closet forever. For two years now, this ASOS shirt has been a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe.

For this look I went the dressier route, but it’s perfect with a pair of jeans and boots, too.

I decided to keep the look simple by color coordinating with the plaid, but I still like to get a bit dramatic when it comes to the details. A long military coat does just that.

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Wool Military Coat ~ ASOS (wearing XXS)
Suede Loafers ~ ASOS (true to size)
Shirt ~ ASOS (wearing XS)
Cropped Jersey Trouser ~ ASOS (wearing W28 L32)