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More Water

Mar 8, 2017

I have had an addiction to soda for a long time. Dr. Pepper, especially. When I was working full time, I would drink 2-3 sodas during the work day and if I went to dinner that night I would have 2-3 refills as well. It was getting to be a problem, and even though I wasn’t having any side effects that I knew of, I knew it wasn’t a habit I wanted to continue forever. I had major soda-guilt.

After I stopped working at my last job, I decided I wanted to start drinking more water, but if you’re like me, you know how much water sucks. I hate warm water. I hate water when it perspires all over me. I hate tap water. I hate a lot of things about water, but once I found my perfect water solution, it quickly replaced soda.

The first step was to find water I actually liked to drink. Tap water makes me gag (FL water is unbearable, though and that’s why I never go there) and I can taste the plastic in disposable water bottles, so my next choice was filtered water. A Brita water pitcher did just the trick. Water that’s always cold (from keeping it in the fridge) and tastes phenomenal. It changed my life.

Next, I needed a water bottle that was light enough to where I wouldn’t mind taking it with me everywhere, big enough to not run out every 5 seconds, would keep my water cold and my ice frozen, and wouldn’t perspire and get my hand soaking wet every time I touched it. Once I found that, I was all set.

Drinking more water is all about finding what makes drinking the most boring of all drinks a little less boring and a little easier. And once you do that, keep your water right next to you at all times and pretty soon it’ll become second nature to be drinking water all the time. I’m to the point where I feel a slight panic every time I’m out on the road and my water runs out before I’m home, because I literally cannot drink water that isn’t Brita-filtered anymore.

It’s a blessing and a curse, but my skin is great, I’m hydrated, and I’m newly addicted to water. Take the plunge guys. Get hydrated.