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Beach Day Essentials

As my month-long beach hopping journey will be over after my upcoming trip to the Grand Cayman Island, I wanted to share my beach-going wisdom of what is needed in order to have the most successful and relaxing beach day!

1 ~ Sunglasses (see my post on must have sunnies here)

2 ~ Canvas Tote Bag (to carry all your personal items)

3 ~ Beach Towel

4 ~ SUNSCREEN (!!!!!)

5 ~ Beach Chair

6 ~ Beach Umbrella

7 ~ Beach TENT (YES this IS a thing!!)

8 ~ Beach Wagon (With XL wheels so it’ll roll in sand)

9 ~ Something to READ (magazine, ebook, REAL book, etc.)

10 ~ MUSIC (headphones / speaker)

And for after the beach, make sure you’ve got some dry clothes to change into and some aloe just in case you get a little too much sun!

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Pink, Proportion, and Prints

Finding a look that’s comfortable, relaxed, and looks cool is sometimes hard to do, so when I find one that checks all of those boxes, it definitely gets worn on repeat.

The barely worm jacket keeps you warm enough in the morning / evening but keeps you cool enough during the day, trousers are the most comfortable pant known to man, and what else screams absolute comfort like a sneaker or a t-shirt?!

Comfort is definitely a check, but a look can’t be all about comfort (because then we’d all be walking around in sweatpants 24/7). A look needs wow-factors, edge, and it needs to be on-trend, and as of now, athleisure is the easiest way to be 100% comfort and 200% finesse (sorry I’m so annoying omg) and also leaves a lot of room to mix different styles.

Cropped trousers, a barely worn jacket, stripes, speckled pants, SNEAKERS!! This look is overloaded with contrast, but boi does it WERK (sorry I’m so annoying I really love this look)!!!

(I could go on but I’ll stop there pls enjoy my selections below and follow me with the links below to enjoy more of my extra)

Outfit Details:

Pink Denim Jacket (find here, also love this one), Striped Tee (sold out, similar here and here), Trousers (sold out, similar here), Sneakers (find here)

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The Perfect Sunnies

BIG NEWS: I’ve added a new post category titled “Currently on a Quest for” (find it on the “more” page within the “Categories” pop-up), and my first post is THIS, because I am Currently on a Quest for the Perfect Sunnies! (maybe this news wasn’t so huge but I finally got the energy to go through the page making process so it’s huge for me)

Anywho, I’ve recently developed a bit of an obsession for sunglasses. I just LOVE them so much!! I’ll admit it, it might have something to do with the fact that I feel 100 times cooler every time I put a pair on, but there’s also just something about finding a unique pair that you know no one else will have (not to mention the windows down, musical blarin’, sunglasses wearin’ drives that make summer that much greater)!

Sunglasses are something worth investing in, whether you get one or two expensive pairs or a lot of inexpensive pairs (always make sure it suits your face shape), so below are my picks for some of the hottest sunglasses trends of the season.

Shop My Picks:

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