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Perks of the Crop

Mar 24, 2017

Cropped trousers aren’t just the best of both worlds, they’re the best of every world.¬†Cropped trousers take simplification to a whole new level.

Cropped trousers can be worn completely casually with a t-shirt and sneakers, they can be worn smartly with a button-up tucked in or un-tucked with a daytime oxford or loafer, and when needed, they can even be dressed up for a formal occasion. And since they’re cropped, there’s no worrying about whether your pant length is correct for the shoes you’re wearing.

Cropped trousers may not be practical in the winter (I, personally just deal with the cold ankles), but for spring and summer they’re absolutely perfect. They’re lightweight, they keep you cool and comfortable, and they add something unique to every look they’re apart of, which is something I find difficult to accomplish during the summer without winter’s ability to layer.

Trust me, your spring/summer wardrobe isn’t complete until cropped trousers are involved…in more than one color!

Outfit Details:

All trousers shown are from ASOS. When ordering cropped trousers, be sure to order your normal go-to pant length!