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The Check Coat

Feb 26, 2017

Making a coat flow seamlessly into a look is sometimes a bit tricky. The coat needs to be a crucial part of the look, and not just something you’re wearing to stay warm until you get to your destination.

For this look, I began with the coat and went from there. Patterned coats are always a bit loud, so I wanted to tone down the rest of the look while still making a statement. I wanted this look to be crisp and bold, and I think I accomplished that quite well.

A cropped wide leg trouser makes the look quite modern, and the white sneaker ties in the coat while adding a casual factor to what would’ve been a fairly dressy look without it. The sneakers also make this look casual outing appropriate while still remaining work appropriate.

And lastly, a simple black denim button-up finished up the transition from light to dark from the white sneaker to the light grey trouser to the black top and back to the coat!

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Wool Over-Coat ~ ASOS (wearing XXS)
Sneakers ~ Adidas (true to size)
Shirt ~ ASOS (wearing small)
Trousers ~ ASOS (runs large)