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The Suede Jacket

Mar 9, 2017

So about two years ago I went through a major grunge phase. I don’t like to talk about it. I was thrifting almost daily. My entire wardrobe was thrifted flannels. I was a mess, but one good thing came out of my thrift shopping days (shout out to Macklemore for starting the movement), and that is this suede jacket.

Even after I stopped the grunge and transformed into my boujee self, I still had a soft spot for thrifting, because you never know what you can find. There’s a small thrift store run by a bunch of little old women near my house, so every once in a while I’ll stop by just to see what I can find, because they only sell things that are actually good quality. Last year I stopped in and to my surprise, found a genuine leather, suede jacket with a quilted liner. It was the coolest jacket I’d seen in a while, so of course I snatched it up.

I like to pair this jacket with casual outfits, especially when it’s cold. I can just throw it on, look cool af, and still be insanely comfy and warm. For this look I paired it with my favorite grey oversized tee, some ripped ASOS jeans, and my favorite chelsea boots I own.

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Oversized Tee ~ ASOS (wearing XXS (they aren’t kidding when they say oversized))
Leather Chelsea Boots ~ Ugg (Nordstrom) (online it says to order a larger size but they fit true to size for me)
Jeans ~ ASOS (wearing W28 L32 ~ these came with a patch filling in the hole on my thigh but it came out in the wash…need to fix that)