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Too Much Pink?

Apr 4, 2017

 I warned you guys, pink has taken over. Literally, and I have no intention on decreasing my use of pink either. I think it’s become an actual part of me. Who knows?!

Anyways! This look is comfy, casual, and in my opinion, super cool. Can I call my own looks cool? Who knows pt. 2?!

I love a good over-sized tee, I love denim jackets, I love sneakers, and I love (super) ripped skinny jeans. This look is everything I love rolled into one look, and I’m sure I’ll be repeating it endlessly. No shame in my repeat game, ya’ll!

Outfit Details:

My Height (for sizing reference) 5’8”

Pink Denim Jacker ~ ASOS (wearing size small)
Sneakers ~ Puma (ASOS) (runs true to size)
Shirt ~ ASOS (wearing XXS)
Ripped Skinny Jeans ~ Brooklyn Supply Co. (ASOS) (wearing W27 L32)