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Done Beach Bummin’ It

I’m sad to say that my much needed month of beach hopping has come to an end. From Hilton Head, NC to Ruskin, FL and finally to the Cayman Islands, I’ve definitely had plenty of time to chill out on the beach, but it’s been rough getting back into the swing of real life. So what better way to snap back to reality than a city shoot, arguably a location quite the opposite of any beach town.

These pants (find here) quickly became a favorite of mine the second they were unboxed, and I’ve been rocking them on repeat. I’m all about cropped trousers for summer, so finding such a bold print that I could wear super casually was an amazing find.

Paired simply with a tucked in black tee and a suede sandal (find here), these pieces worked together to create a bold look dressy or casual enough for any summer occasion.

Outfit Details:

Solid Black Tee (sold out, similar here and here), Birdhouse Print Trousers (find here, matching blazer here), Suede Sandals (here), Sunglasses (here)

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Classic with a Caribbean Flare

I am SO excited to be publishing this post LIVE from the Cayman Island’s, and I literally never want to come home.

This is the coolest place I’ve ever been, and there’s many reasons. First of all, there are chickens literally everywhere. In restaurants, at the grocery store, in everyone’s front yard, on the side of the road, etc. You name it, there’s a chicken there. I’m obsessed with them.

The restaurants here are amazing. I’ve never had so much amazing fries and food in general in one place. I have yet to be disappointed, and it doesn’t hurt that every restaurant is on the coastline and has an amazing view or that every restaurant has their own cat (don’t ask why but there’s cats in every restaurant and I love them).

And my absolute favorite part is of course, the beach. Our condo is right on the beach and so is the pool, so it’s safe to say I’m most definitely in paradise here, which brings me to this Caribbean inspired LOOK!

I’ve had the beach on my mind with all my upcoming looks, and this one is no exception. In my opinion, a viscose neckline will always scream beach, and pairing it with some casual trousers and a simple loafer (find here) takes me straight to a beach side restaurant in my mind, and I’ll certainly be wearing this look to dinner one night while here in the beautiful Grand Cayman Island.

Outfit Details:

Viscose Shirt (sold out, similar here and here), Watch (sold out, similar here and here), Shoes (find here (ON SALE and UNDER $50)), Cropped Trousers (sold out, similar here and here)

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Beach Day Essentials

As my month-long beach hopping journey will be over after my upcoming trip to the Grand Cayman Island, I wanted to share my beach-going wisdom of what is needed in order to have the most successful and relaxing beach day!

1 ~ Sunglasses (see my post on must have sunnies here)

2 ~ Canvas Tote Bag (to carry all your personal items)

3 ~ Beach Towel

4 ~ SUNSCREEN (!!!!!)

5 ~ Beach Chair

6 ~ Beach Umbrella

7 ~ Beach TENT (YES this IS a thing!!)

8 ~ Beach Wagon (With XL wheels so it’ll roll in sand)

9 ~ Something to READ (magazine, ebook, REAL book, etc.)

10 ~ MUSIC (headphones / speaker)

And for after the beach, make sure you’ve got some dry clothes to change into and some aloe just in case you get a little too much sun!

Shop My Beach Day Picks:

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