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Why I Dress Up Every Day

Apr 10, 2017

Okay I’ll admit it. I’m that friend. You know….the one who is always overdressed even when told to wear something super casual. I have my days where I’ll wear something a little more comfy and casual, but there’s a fine line between dressing casually and dressing too casually, and I never cross it.

And this isn’t out of vanity (ok maybe a little). I’m just a firm believer that how you present yourself is everything. I can’t tell clients how to dress and what to wear to different occasions and then turn around and wear pajamas to the grocery store.

You also never know who you could run into. If I meet a potential client, I want to be dressed to impress, because my clothes are often used by others as a good conversation starter and also show that I have a clear sense of personal style. If I meet a public figure or a member of a company I’d like to one day work with, I would want to be dressed to impress, because that first impression could make or break some future career moves.

My personal style reflects who I am, and I would never want to be seen in something that reflects something different. I have a very precise vision as to how I want to be perceived by others, and if that’s “vain” and “shallow” than I guess that’s what I am! Presentation is everything, so the next time you’re going out, think about where you’re going and who you could possibly see there, and dress accordingly. Don’t dress for the occasion, dress for how you want to be seen at that occasion. There’s nothing wrong with being overdressed, but there’s everything wrong with being under-dressed.